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Plate Number: I 53

Muscicapa Nigresscens: The Blackcap Fly-Catcher

Blackcap Fly-Catcher Plate Number: I 53

The Bi11 is broad and black; the Upper-part of the Head of a dusky black; the Back, Wings and Tail are brown, the Breast and Belly white, with a Tincture of yellowish Green. The Legs and Feet are black. The Head of the Cock is of a deeper black than that of the Hen, which is all the Difference between them. I don't remember to have seen any of them in Winter. They feed on Flies and other Insects. They breed in Carolina.

Gelseminum, sive Jasminum luteum odoratum Virginianum seandens, semper virens

This Plant grows usually in moist Places, its Branches being supported by other Trees and Shrubs on which it climbs. The Leaves grow opposite to each other from the Joints of the Stalks; from whence likewise shoot forth yellow tubulous Flowers; the Verges of which are notched or divided into five Sections. The Seeds are flat and half winged, contained in an oblong pointed Capsula, which, when the Seeds are ripe, splits to the Stalk and discharges them. The Smell of the Flowers is like that of the Wall-Flowers. These Plants are scarce in Virginia, but are every where in Carolina. They are likewise at Mr. Grays at Fulham; where, by their thriving State, they seem to like our Soil and Climate. Tho' Mr. Parkinson calls it semper virens I have always found it lose its Leaves in Winter.

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