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Plate Number: I 47

Rubicula Americana Caerulea: The Blue Bird

Blue Bird Plate Number: I 47

This Bird weighs nineteen Penny Weight and is about the bigness of a Sparrow. The Eyes are large. The Head and upper-part of the Body, Tail and Wings are of a bright blue, except that the Ends of the Wing-Feathers are brown. The Throat and Breast, of a dirty Red: The Belly white. 'Tis a Bird of a very swift Flight, its Wings being very long; so that the Hawk generally pursues it in vain. They make their Nests in Holes of Trees; are harmless Birds, and resemble our Robin-red-breast. They feed on Insects only.

These Birds are common in most Parts of North America, I having seen them in Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the Bermudas Islands.

Smilax non Spinosa, humilis, folio Aristolochioe, baccis rubris

This Plant sometimes trails on the Ground, the Leaves resembling those of the Birth-wort, set alternately on it slender Stalks; from which hang Clusters of small berries of an oval Form but pointed, each containing a very hard round Seed.

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