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Plate Number: II 44

Vipera Negra: The Black Viper

Black Viper Plate Number: II 44

This Serpent is short and thick, of slow Motion, spreads his Head, when irritated, surprisingly broad and flat, threatning with a horrid Hiss. They are very venomous, having the like Fangs of Destruction as the Rattle-Snake, and their Bite is said to be as deadly. They generally frequent the higher Lands, and are of a rusty black Colour in all their Stages of Life.

Arbor foliis pinnatis, spica pendula sericea

This Plant grows usually to the Height of eight or ten Feet, composed of many Stems, arising close together from the Root; the Branches grow into Bendings, making Angles at regular Distances; from every of which Bend, or Angle, shoot forth its pinnated Leaves, with very small Lobes; and also the Flowers, which are pappous; From every of these Angles or Joints, also grow two sharp Thorns; the Flowers hang singly, and sometimes two together, on Foot-talks three Inches long, are globules and of a purfumed Smell. Alpinus's differ from mine only in the Pods, his growing erect, mine hanging.

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