About Bugs And Beasts

Serious Stuff First

Keystone cops on the telephone Hi and welcome to a little page about my site, and I think I will start with serious stuff first.

To the best of my knowledge all the content on this site falls into one of these categories: public domain, creative commons or is hosted by permission from the owner. So if you see something that you don't think I should be hosting, then please let me know, so I can investigate further!

This site comprises of 1,000s of pages, so it can be a bit difficult to find things. That is why I have put a search bar right at the top of every page and have also created a sitemap page. This page shows all the major pages and sections which along with the search, should help you find what you want.

Just one more thing, I have also made a contact page. This has my email address and also a rather nifty form that you can use to contact me, if you so wish.

A Bit About The History Of Bugs And Beasts

Screenshot of the old bugsandbeasts.com I first registered bugsandbeasts.com way back on July 15, 2004. I had been making sites for other people for quite a few years, and along the way had rather carelessly managed to loose my first personal site. I have always been interested in bugs, reptiles, dinosaurs, legends and other such stuff. So it was a natural choice.

Over the years the site has undergone numerous changes (on the left you can see an earlier reincarnation), but recently it was looking a bit shabby. So, in May 2013 I started on a makeover. Well, I actually took it all to pieces and started again. So you are viewing the results of not only my recent work, but also from things I did way back in the day!

A Bit About The Logo

The logo for bugsandbeasts.com I am really proud of the logo for this site. A friend, who is way too good at art drew it for me. I did tell him what I wanted, but it exceeded all my expectations.

You have the mantis representing the bugs, and unicorn for the beasts. They are holding Saturn. After all these years I am still really pleased with it. I have put a copyright notice on this image, so please don't steal it!!.

One day if I am ever really rich, I would love to have a big coat of arms made and hang it about the gateway to my palatial residence. I doubt that will ever happen, but just maybe ....

A Bit About Me

A photograph of me, Mark Warner Well, the best way to introduce myself is with a photograph. As you can probably guess I am rather vain, but also a handsome fella. I have been programming for over half of my very long life and making websites for only slightly less. I am not sure whether I really enjoy making sites and coding, but it is what I need to do and I can't imagine my life doing anything else.

If you are interested, which I doubt, you can find out more about me and my other sites on The Face Behind. But if you don't I fully understand.

Anyway, I hope you found something of interest here, and call back anytime you want, the door is always open!.

Best regards, Mark