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Plate Number: II 54

Anguis Flagelli Formis: The Coach-whip Snake

Coach-whip Snake Plate Number: II 54

This is a very long slender Snake, particularly the hind Part, it diminishes gradually to the Tail, and from the Resemblance of a Coach-Whip has received its Name. The Colour of it is brown, it is very active and nimble, running very swiftly. They are inoffensive, yet the Indians report (not without gaining many Proselytes to their silly Belief) that they will by a Jerk of their Tail separate a Man in two Parts; they are generally about the Size of the Figure, tho' sometimes they are twice as big. They retain their Colour in all Stages.

Lychnis vicosa, Virginiana, flore amplo coccineo: Seu Muscipula Regia

The Height of this Plant is usually about a Foot, rising with several Stems, which divide into smaller Stalks, on which grow the Flowers on Footstalks half an Inch long: The Flower is red, tubulous, consisting of five Petals, with a deep Notch at the End of each, besides an angular Point on each Side: The Leaves grow opposite to one another without Footstalks. They are frequently found in the sandy Woods near Charles-Town in Carolina.

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