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Plate Number: II 46

Anguis Ventre Cuprei Coloris: The Copper-belly Snake

Copper-belly Snake Plate Number: II 46

These Snakes sometimes approach near to the Size of the Rattle-Snake. They are of a brown Colour, except their Bellies, which are of a muddy Red or Copper Colour. They frequent Water, and very probably prey on Fish; but Birds and such other Animals, as they are able to overcome, they devour; frequently entring the Houses of Poultry, sucking their Eggs, and devouring the Fowls. They are bold, nimble and active, but are generally reputed not venomous, and have no Fangs like the Viper kind. I never observed their Colours to vary.

An Ricinoides Aeleagni folio?: The Ilathera Bark

These Shrubs grow plentifully on most of the Bahama lslands, seldom above ten Feet high, and rarely so big as a Man's Leg, tho' 'tis probable, that before these Islands were exhausted of so much of it, that it grew to a larger Size: The Leaves are long, narrow, and sharp-pointed, and of a very pale light green Colour; at the Ends of the smaller Branches grow Spikes of small hexapetalous white Flowers, with yellow Apices, which are succeeded by tricapsular pale green Berries, of the Size of Peas, each Berry containing three small black Seeds, one in every Capsule. The Bark of this Tree being burnt, yields a fine Perfume; infused in either Wine or Water, gives a fine aromatic Bitter.

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