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Plate Number: I 71

Pluvialis Vociferus: The Chattering Plover

Chattering Plover Plate Number: I 71

This is about the Size of the larger Snipe. The Eyes are large, with scarlet Circle. A black Lift runs from the Bill under the Eyes. The Forehead is white; above which it is black. The Rest of the Head is brown. The Throat and round the Neck is white; under which there is a broad black Lift encompassing the Neck. Another Lift of black crosses the Breast, from the Shoulder of one Wing to that of the other. Except which, the Breast and Belly are white. The Back and Wings are brown; the larger Quill-Feathers being of a darker brown. The small Rump-Feathers, which cover three Quarters of the Tail, are of a yellowish red. The lower Part of the Tail is black. The Legs and Feet of a Straw-Colour. It hath no back Toes. These Birds are very frequent both in Virginia and Carolina; and are a great Hinderance to Fowlers by alarming the Game with their screaming Noise. In Virginia they are called Killdeers, from some Resemblance of their Noise to the Sound of that Word. They abide in Carolina and Virginia all the Year. The Feathers of the Cock and Hen differ not much.

Frutex foliis oblongis acuminatis, floribus spicatis unoversu dispositis: The Sorrel-Tree

The Trunc of this Tree is usually five or six Inches thick, and rises to the Height of about twenty Feet, with slender Branches thick set with Leaves, shaped like those of the Pear-Tree. From the Ends of the Branches proceed little white monopetalous Flowers, like those of the Strawberry-Tree, which are thick set on short Footstalks to one Side of many slender Stalks, which are pendant on one Side of the main Branch.

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