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Plate Number: I 57

Parus Cristatus: The Crested Titmouse

Crested Titmouse Plate Number: I 57

It weighs thirteen Penny-weight. The Bill is black, having a Spot a little above it of the same Colour; except which, all the Upper-part of the Body is gray. The Neck and all the Under-part of the Body is white, with a faint Tincture of Red, which just below the Wings is deepest. The Legs and Feet are of a Lead-Colour. It erects its Crown-Feathers into a pointed Crest. No Difference appears between the Cock and Hen: They breed in and inhabit Virginia and Carolina all the Year. They do not frequent near Houses, their Abode being only amongst the Forest-Trees from which they get their Food; which is Insects.

Cistus Virginiana, flore &odore Periclymeni: The Upright Honeysuckle

This Plant rises usually with two or three stiff streight Stems, which are small, except where the Soil is very moist and rich; where they grow to the Size of a Walking Cane, twelve or sixteen Feet high, branching into many smaller Stalks, with Leaves alternately placed. At the Ends of the Stalks are produced Bunches of Flowers, resembling our common Honysuckle; not all of a Colour, some Plants producing White, some red, and others purplish, of a very pleasant Scent, tho' different from ours. The Flowers are succeeded by long pointed Capsulas, containing innumerable very small Seeds. 'Tis a Native of Virginia and Carolina, but will endure our Climate in the open Air, having for some years past produc'd its beautiful and fragrant Blossoms at Mr. Bacon's at Hoxton, at Mr. Collinson's at Peckham; and at Mr. Christopher Grays at Fulham.

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