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Plate Number: I 52

Muscicapa Cristata Ventre Luteo: The Crested Fly-Catcher

Crested Fly-Catcher Plate Number: I 52

Weighs one Ounce. The Bill is black and broad; the Upper-part of the Body of a muddy Green; the Neck and Breast of a Lead-Colour; the Belly yellow; the Wings brown, having most of the Vanes of the Quill-Feathers edg'd with Red. The two middle Feathers of the Tail are all brown; The interior Vanes of the Rest are red. The Legs and Feet black. It breeds in Carolina and Virginia, but retires in Winter.

This Bird by its ungrateful brawling Noise, seems at Variance and displeased with all others.

Smilax Bryoniae nigrae foliis caule spinoso, baccis nigris

This plant shoots forth with many pliant thorny Stems; which, when at full Bigness, are as big as a Walking Cane, and jointed; and rises to the Height usally of twenty Feet, climbing upon and spreading over the adjacent Trees and shrubs, by the Assistance o f its Tendrels. In Autumn it produces Clusters of black round Berries, hanging pendent to a Foot-Stalk, above three Inches long, each Berry containing a very hard roundish Seed. The Roots of this Plant are tuberous divided into many Knots and joints; and, when first dug out of the Ground, are soft and juicy, but harden in the Air to the Consistence of Wood. Of these Roots the Inhabitants of Carolina make a Diet-Drink, attributing great Virtues to it in cleansing the Blood &c. They likewise in the Spring boil the tender Shoots and eat them prepared like Asparagus. 'Tis call'd there China Root.

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