English Insect Menus

English Menu I

  • Slug Soup
  • Boiled Cod with Snail Sauce
  • Wasp Grubs fried in the Comb
  • Moths sautes in Butter
  • Braized Beef with Caterpillars
  • New Carrots with Wireworm Sauce
  • Gooseberry Cream with Sawflies
  • Devilled Chafer Grubs
  • Stag Beetle Larvae on Toast

English Menu II

  • Snail Soup
  • Fried soles, with Woodlouse Sauce
  • Curried Cockchafers
  • Fricassee of Chicken with Chrysalids
  • Boiled Neck of Mutton with Wire-worm Sauce
  • Ducklings, with Green Peas
  • Cauliflowers garnished with Caterpillars
  • Moths on Toast