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Plate Number: I 7

Noctua Aurita Minor: The Little Owl

Little Owl Plate Number: I 7

Is about the size of, or rather less than a Jack-daw; has large pointed Ears; the Bill small, the Iris of the Eye of a deep Yellow, or Saffron-colour; the Feathers of its Face white, With a mixture of reddish brown: the Head and upper part of the Body of a sulvous, or reddish brown colour: the Wings are of the same colour, except that they are verged about with white, have some white spots on the Quill-feathers, and five larger white spots on the upper part of each Wing: the Breast and Belly is dusky white, intermix'd with reddish brown feathers: the Tail dark-brown, a little longer than the wings: the Legs and Feet light brown , feather'd and hairy down to the toes, armed with four semicircular black Tallons.

The Hen is of a deeper brown, without any tincture of red.

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