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Plate Number: I 35

Passerculus: The Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow Plate Number: I 35

This Bird is entirely of a brown Colour; less than our Hedge-Sparrow, but partaking much of the nature of it. They are not numerous, being usually seen single, hopping under Bushes. They feed on Insects, and are seen most common near Houses in Virgnia and Carolina, where they breed and abide the whole Year.

Convolvulus Carolinensis angusto sagittato folio, flore amplissimo purpureo, radice crassa: The Purple Bind-Weed of Carolina

The Flower of this Convolvulus is of a reddish purple, and of the size and shape of common white Bind-weed. They blow in June. The Leaves are shaped like the head of an Arrow. Col: Moore, a Gentleman of good Reputation in Carolina, told me, that he has seen an Indian daub himself with the Juice of this Plant; immediately after which, he handled a Rattle-Snake with his naked Hands without receiving any harm from it, though thought to be the most venomous of the Snake-kind: And I have heard several others affirm, that they have seen the Indians use a Plant to guard themselves against the venom of this sort of Snake; but they were not Observers nice enough to inform me what kind it was of.

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