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Plate Number: I 31

Turdus Minimus: The Little Thrush

Little Thrush Plate Number: I 31

In Shape and Colour it agrees with the Description of the European Mavis, or Song Thrush, differing only in Bigness: this weighing no more than one Ounce and a quarter. It never sings, having only a single Note, like the Winter-Note of our Mavis. It abides all the Year in Carolina. They are seldom seen, being but few, and those abiding only in dark Recesses of the thickest Woods and Swamps. Their Food is the Berries of Holly, Haws, &c.

Agrifolium Carolinense foliis dentatis baccis rubris: The Dahoon Holly

This Holly usually grows erect, sixteen Feet high; the Branches shooting straighter, and being of quicker Growth than the common Kind. The Leaves are longer, of a brighter green, and more pliant; not prickly, but serrated only. The Berries are red, growing in large Clusters. This is a very uncommon Plant in Carolina, I having never seen it but at Col. Bull's Plantation on Ashley River, where it grows in a Bog.

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