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Plate Number: I 77

Ardea Alba Minor Carolinensis: The Little White Heron

Little White Heron Plate Number: I 77

This Bird is about the Size of the preceeding. The Bill is red. The Eyes have yellow Irides. The Legs and Feet are green. The whole Plumage is white. They feed on Fish, Frogs, &c. and frequent Rivers, Ponds and Marshes, after the Manner of other Herons.

I believe they breed in Carolina; but I have never seen any of them in Winter.

Ketmia frutescens glauca, Aceris majoris folio longiore, serrato flore carneo

This Plant rises with several Stems usually five Feet high, producing broad serrated downy Leaves, like the broad-leaved Maple, divided by six Sections. The Flowers are in Clusters, on the Top of the Stalk; of a pale red, and divided by five Segments. The Fruit is round and ribbed, about the Bigness of a large Hazel- among the Rocks of the Bahama Islands.

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