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Plate Number: I 5

Accipter Minor: The Little Hawk

Little Hawk Plate Number: I 5

This Bird weighs three ounces 16 penny weight. The Basiss of the upper Mandible is cover'd with a yellow Sear: the Iris of the Eye yellow; the Head lead-colour, with large red spot on its Crown: round the back of his head, are seven black spots regularly placed: the Throat and Cheeks are white, with a tincture of red; the Back red, and marked with transverse black lines: the Quill-feathers of the Wing dark-brown; the rest of the Wing blue, marked, as on the Back, with black: the Tail red, except an inch of the end, which is black; the Breast and Belly of a blueish red; the Legs and Feet yellow.

The Hen differs from the Cock, as follows: her whole Wing and Back is of the same colour as the Back of the Cock; the Tail of the Hen is marked, on the Back, with transverse black lines; her Breast has not that stain of red as in the Cock. They abide all the year in Virginia and Carolina, preying not only on small birds, but Mice, Lizards, Beetles, &c.

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