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Plate Number: I 54

Muscicapa Fusca: The Little Brown Fly-catcher

Little Brown Fly-catcher Plate Number: I 54

Weighs nine Penny-weight. The Bill is very broad and flat; the upper Mandible black; the lower yellow. All the Upper-part of the Body of a dark Ash-Colour. The Wings are brown, with some of the Feathers edged with White: All the Under-part of the Body dusky white, with a Tincture of yellow: The Legs and Feet black.

Muscicapa Oculis Rubris: The red-ey'd Fly-catcher

Weighs ten Penny-weight and an half. The Bill Lead-Colour: The Iris of the Eyes red. From the Bill, over the Eyes, runs a dusky white Line, border'd above with a black Line. The Crown of the Head is gray. The Rest of the Upper-part of the Body is green. The Neck, Breast and Belly white; the Legs and Feet black. Both these breed in Carolina, and retire Southward in Winter.

This Shrub has a slender Stem, and grows usually about eight or ten Feet high. Its Leaves are in Shape like those of a Pear, growing alternately on Foot-stalks of an Inch long; from between which proceeds small whitish Flowers, consisting of five Petals; in the Middle of which shoot forth many tall Stamina, headed with yellow Apices. The Roots of this Plant are made Use of in Decoctions, and are esteemed a good Stomachic and Cleanser of the Blood. The Fruit I have not seen. This Plant grows in moist and shady Woods, in the lower Parts of Carolina.

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