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Plate Number: I 98

Anas Minor ex albo & fuseo vario: The Little Brown Duck

Little Brown Duck Plate Number: I 98

This Duck has a large white Spot on each side the Head, and another on the lower part of the Wing; except which, the Head and all the upper part of the Body and Wings are dark brown; the Breast and Belly light gray, the Bill black, the Irides of the Eyes of a Hazel-colour. This was a Female. The Male was pyed black and white; but not being able to procure it, I am necessitated to be thus short in the description. They frequent the lower parts of Rivers in Carolina, where the Water is salt, or brakish.

Frutex Buxi foliis oblongis, baccis pallide viridibus apice donatis: Soap-Wood

Shrub or small Tree rises to the Height of about 6 or 8 foot, and usually with one strait Stem covered with a whitish Bark; the Leaves in Size, Shape and Substance resemble those of Box, and many of them grow concave and curling, with their edges inward. At the Ends of the smaller Twigs grow Bunches of round pale green Berries of the Size of large Peas, set on Foot-stalks a quarter of an Inch long with a small indented Capsula. These Berries contain an uncertain number of (four, five, and some six) small brown Seeds covered with a Mucilage. The Bark and Leaves of this Tree being beat in a Morter produces a Lather; and is made Use of to wash Cloaths and Linnen, to which last it gives a yellowness. The Hunters who frequent the desolate Islands of Bahama, (where this Shrub grows on the Sea-Coast) are frequently necessitated to use this Sort of soap to wash their Shirts, for want of better.

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