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Plate Number: I 80

Ardea Stellaris Minima: The Small Bittern

Small Bittern Plate Number: I 80

The Bill, from the Angle of the Mouth to the End, was a little more than six Inches long, and black, except some Part of the under Mandible, which was yellow. The Eyes yellow. A Crest of long green Feathers covers the Crown of the Head. The Neck and Breast of a dark muddy red. The Back cover'd with long narrow pale-green Feathers. The large Quill-Feathers of the Wing of a very dark green, with a Tincture of purple. All the Rest of the Wing-Feathers of a changeable shining green, having some feathers edged with yellow. The Legs and Feet brown. They have a long Neck, but usually sit with it contracted, on Trees hanging over Rivers, in a lonely Manner waiting for their Prey, which is Frogs, Crabs, and other small Fish.

I don't remember to have seen any of them in Winter: Wherefore I believe, they retire from Virginia and Carolina more South.

Fraxinus Carolinensis, foliis angustioribus utrinque acuminatis, pendulis

Commonly of a mean Size and Height. The Leaves are pointed at both Ends. The Seeds are winged, and hang in Clusters. They grow in low moist Places.

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