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Plate Number: I 73

Phoenicopterus Bahamensis: The Flamingo

Flamingo Plate Number: I 73

This Bird is two Years before it arrives at its perfect Colour; and then 'tis entirely red, except the Quill-Feathers, which are black. A full grown one is of equal Weight with a Wild-Duck; and, when it stands erect is five Feet high. The Feet are webbed. The Flesh is delicate and nearest resembles that of a Partridge in Taste. The Tongue, above any other Part, was in the highest Esteem with the luxurious Romans for its exquisite Flavour.

These Birds make their Nests on Hillocks in shallow Water; on which they sit with their Legs extended down, like a Man sitting on a Stool. They breed on the Coasts of Cuba and the Bahama-Islands, and frequent Salt-Water only. A Man, by concealing himself from their Sight, may kill great Numbers of 'em, for they will not rise at the Report of a Gun; nor is the Sight of those killed close by them sufficient to terrify the Rest and warn 'em of the Danger; but they stand gazing, and as it were astonish'd, till they are most or all of them kill'd.

This Bird resembles the Heron in Shape, excepting the Bill, which being of a very singular Form, I shall, in the next Table give the Figure of it in its full Size, with a particular Description.

Keratophyton Dichotomum fuscum

This Plant ariseth from a short Stem about two Inches round, and about the same in Height; where it divides into two larger Branches, and so generally, at the Distance of three or four Inches, each Branch divides into two smaller, till the whole Plant is risen to about two Feet, and the upper Branches are become not thicker than a Crow's Quill; all pliant like Horn or Whale-bone, and of a dark brown Colour. They are in great Plenty at the Bottom of the shallow Seas and Channels of the Bahama Islands, the Water there being exceeding clear. I have plainly seen them growing to the white Rocks in above ten Fathom Water.

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