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Plate Number: I 70

Gallinula Americana: The Soree

Soree Plate Number: I 70

This Bird, in Size and Form, resembles our Water-Rail. The whole Body is cover'd with brown Feathers; the Under-part of the Body being lighter than the Upper. The Bill and Legs are brown. These Birds become so very fat in Autumn, by feeding on Wild Oats, that they can't escape the Indians, who catch Abundance by running them down. In Virginia (where only I have seen them) they are as much in Request, for the Delicacy of their Flesh, as the Rice-Bird is in Carolina, or the Ortolan in Europe.

Gentiana Virginiana, Saponariae, folio, flore caeruleo longiore

This Plant grows in Ditches and shady moist Places, rising usually sixteen Inches high, with upright strait Stems, having long sharp pointed Leaves, set opposite to each other, spreading horizontally. From the joints of the Leaves come forth four or five monopetalous blue Flowers; which, before they open, are in Form of a Rolling-Pin; but, when blown, are in shape of a Cup, with the Verge divided into five sections.

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