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Plate Number: I 56

Muscicapa Rubra: The Summer Red-Bird

Summer Red-Bird Plate Number: I 56

This is about the Size of a Sparrow. It has large black Eyes. The Bill thick and clumsy and of a yellowish Cast. The whole Bird is of a bright Red, except the interior Vanes of the Wing-Feathers, which are brown, but appear not unless the Wings are spread. They are Birds of Passage, leaving Virginia and Carolina in Winter. The Hen is brown with a Tincture of yellow.

Platanus Occidentalis: The Western Plane-Tree

This Tree usually grows very large and tall. Its Leaves are broad, of a light Green, and somewhat downy on the Back-side. Its Seed-Vessels are globular, hanging single and pendent on Foot-stalks of about four or five Inches long: The Fruit in the Texture of it, resembling that of the Platanus Orientalis. The Bark is smooth and usually so variegated with White and Green, that they have a fine Effect amongst the other Trees. In Virginia they are plentifully found in all the lower Parts of the Country; but in Carolina there are but few, except on the hilly Parts, particularly on the Banks of Savanna River.

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