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Plate Number: I 36

Passer Nivalis: The Snow-bird

Snow-bird Plate Number: I 36

The Bill of this Bird is white: The Breast, and Belly white. All the rest of the body black; but in some places dusky, inclining to Lead-colour. In Virginia and Carolina they appear only in Winter: and in Snow they appear most. In Summer none are seen. Whether they retire and breed in the North (which is most probable) or where they go, when they leave these Countries in the Spring, is to me unknown.

Orobanche Virginiana flore pentapetulo cernuo: Broom-Rape

This Plant rises to the height of eight or ten inches; is of a Flesh - Colour; the stalks thinly beset with small narrow sharp-pointed Leaves. The Flowers are monopetalous, but deeply furrow'd from the stalk to the Top of the Flower, where it divides into several sections. Whithin the Flower is an oval chanulated capsula, of the size of a Hazel-Nut, containing very small Seeds like Dust. This Capsula is sourrunded with rnany yellow Stamina.

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