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Plate Number: II 94

Cerasus latiore folio; fructu racemoso purpureo majore: Pigeon-Plum

Pigeon-Plum Plate Number: II 94

This is a large Tree, with a smooth light coloured Bark, the Leaves are about the Size of those of a Pear, but more rounding at the Points. The Fruit is round, and grows in Bunches, like Currans, but larger, and of a purple Colour, with a single Stone in the Middle: In December the Fruit is ripe, and is the Food of Pigeons and many wild Animals; it is a pleasant tasted Fruit, the Wood is hard and durable: It grows on Rocks, on many of the Bahama Islands.

Eruca maxima cornuta: The great horned Catterpillar

This Catterpillar is about four Inches long, besides the Head and Tail, it consists of ten Joints, or Rings of a yellow Colour; on the Head, which is black, grew four Pair of Horns, smooth, and of a reddish brown towards the Bottom, jagged or bearded and black towards the Top; on each of the Rings arise short jagged black Horns, one standing on the Back and two on each Side, below which is a round trachaea on each Side; likewise the Horn of the Back of the last Ring is longest: The Flap of the Tail is of a bright bay Colour. It hath eight Feet, and six Papillae.

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