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Plate Number: II 93

Plumeria flore niveo, foliis brevioribus obtusis

Plumeria flore niveo Plate Number: II 93

This Shrub grows usually to the Height of ten Feet. Its Leaves are long, in Form, like those of the Oleander, but somewhat blunter at their Ends; they grow in Bunches, at the Ends of the Branches, from which also rises a succulent shining green Stalk, five Inches long, on the Top of which grow the Flowers, in a Cluster, which are mostly white, monopetalous, and tubulous, divided at the Top, into five deep Sections, the Inside of which is yellow, as is the Outside of the Tube, tho' not so bright.

The Seed-vessel is a double Pod, seven Inches long, curved at the Insides, and both Ends meeting: At their Time of Maturity the curved Side of each Pod splits open, and displays the Seeds, which are disposed in like Manner as the Scales of Fish.

Grandilla, foliis Sarsaparillae trinerviis; flore purpureo; fructu Olivaeformi caeruleo

The Leaves of this Kind of Passion-Flower, are of an oblong oval Form, having three parallel Ribs, extending from the Stalk to the End, with smaller Veins, running obliquely to their Edges: The Flower is made up of ten narrow purple Petals, five of which are long, the other five about half as long: The Pointal arising from the Center of the Flower, is longer than in any other of this Tribe, that I have observed, The Embrio at the End of it, swells to a Fruit, of the Size and Form of an Olive: These Plants, as likewise the Plant on which this is supported, grow plentifully on many of the Bahama Islands, where I painted them in the natural Appearance as is here represenented.

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