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Plate Number: II 91

Caryophylus Spurius inodorus, Folio subrotundo scabro, flore

Caryophylus Spurius inodorus Plate Number: II 91

These shrubby Trees grow from eight to twelve Feet in Height, and are usually four or five Inches thick, with a yellowish brown bark; the Leaves are placed alternately: they are of a dark green Colour, and very rough, shaped like an Heart: The Flowers grow many of them together, they are red, tubulous, spreading open at the Top, and divided into six Sections, the whole standing in a yellowish brown Calix: The Fruit is in Size, and Form of a Pidgeon's Egg, covered with a pale green smooth Skin: The Flesh is of the Consistence of an Apple, and when ripe smells very much like it; in the Middle lies a large Stone, in Form of a Pear, and resembles a dry Tulip Root. The Wood is of a very dark brown Colour, approaching to black, very ponderous, and contains much Gum, in Smell and Appearance resembling Aloes, and is by the Inhabitants of the Bahama lslands (where it grows) called Lignum Aloes.

Convolvulus minor Pentaphyllos, flore purpureo minore

This Convolvulus is always found trailing upon Trees and Shrubs; and as I found two such elegant Plants in their natural Embraces, I thought it better to exhibit them here in that very Appearance, than to divorce them: The Leaves are digated; the Flowers are rather tubulous than Bell shaped; the 0utside of them are light green, the Inside purple, with their Verges reflected back, and divided into six Sections. They grow on Rocks on many of the Bahama Islands.

Phalaena ingens, Caroliniana, Oculata e luteo fusca, lineis dilute purpureis insignita: The Great Moth

This Moth bath a large hairy Body, encompassed by six brown Rings, the Antennae are feather'd; the Ground Colour of the Backside of both Pair of Wings is of a reddish yellow Colour with the following Marks; in the Middle of each of the upper Wing is an oval Eye, or transparent Spot bordered with Black, and at the further Corner of the same Pair of Wings, are in each two small black Spots; a purple and white angular Line crosses each of these Wings near the Shoulders; another purple Line crosses each of these Wings towards the Bottom. The lower Pair of Wings are adorned also with two transparent Spots or Eyes, encompassed with black, blue and yellow Borders. A broad black Lift, joined to another of purple, crosses these Wings toward the Bottom.

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