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Plate Number: II 7

Perca marina puncticulata: The Negro Fish

Negro Fish Plate Number: II 7

This Fish was in Shape not unlike a Pearch, and in Length usually from six to ten Inches, of a dark brown Colour; sprinkled thick all over with small blue Spots: The Iris of the Eye red and yellow, blended in each other: The Mouth wide, with a single Row of sharp Teeth in each Mandible; The Number of Finns were five, one on the Back, the fore-part of which was strengthened with spiny Bones, the hind part was more tender and pliant; behind the Gills were two more, and one under the Abdomen, with a fifth behind the Anus, having two sharp pointed Bones annexed to it. The Tail convex at the End.

Perca marina cauda nigra: The Black-Tail

This Fish is usually of the Size of the precedent, dusky black on the Back, and lighter towards the Belly, with single Rows of yellow Scales from the Head to the Tail. The Mouth and Teeth like those of a Pearch. The Iris of the Eyes dark gray; A large prickly Finn on the Back, was joined by another smaller one, with an even Edge: Behind the Gills were two more, under the Abdomen was another, and one behind the Anus, with a sharp Bone annexed to the fore-part of it, The Tail was black and bordered round the Edges, with a broad Lift of white, and very forked.

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