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Plate Number: II 58

Anguis e caeruluo &albo varius: The Wampum Snake

Wampum Snake Plate Number: II 58

This Snake receives its name from the Resemblance it has to Indian Money called Wampum, which is made of Shells cut into regular Pieces, and strung with a Mixture of Blue and White. Some of these Snakes are large, being five Feet in Length; yet there is no Harm in their Bite, but as all the largest Snakes are voracious, so will they devour what Animals they are able to overcome; The Back of this Serpent was dark Blue, the Belly finely clouded with brighter Blue, the Head small in Proportion to its Body. They seem to retain their Colour and Marks at every Change of their Exuviae. They are found in Virginia and Carolina.

Lilium Carolinianum, flore croceo punctato, petalis longioribus & angustioribus: The Red Lilly

This Lilly grows from a single bulbous scaly Root about the Size of a Walnut, rising with a single Stalk to the Height of about two Feet, to which from the Bottom on the Flower are set opposite to each other narrow Leaves. One Flower only is produced on the Top of the Stalk, consisting of six Petals, every of which have a Footstalk an Inch long; these Petals turn back in a graceful Manner and are tapering, terminating in Points and edged with small Indentures: From the Bottom of the Flower rises six very long Stamina with their Apices, surrounding a Pistillum; the whole Flower is variously shaded with Red, Orange and Lemmon Colours. They grow on open moist Savannas in many Parts of Carolina.

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