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Plate Number: I 82

Numenius Albas: The White Curlew

White Curlew Plate Number: I 82

This is about the Size of a tame Pigeon; the Bill is six Inches and an half long of a pale red Colour, chanelled from the Basis to the Point. The Iris of the Eyes are, gray; the fore-part of the Head, and round the Eyes, is covered with a light red Skin; four of the largest Wing-feathers have their Ends dark green. All the rest of the Bird is white, except the Legs and Feet which are pale red. The Flesh, particularly the Fat, is very yellow, of a Saffron colour. When the great Rains fall, which is usual at the latter End of Summer, these Birds arrive in Carolina in great Numbers, and frequent the low Watery Lands.

The Cock and Hen are alike in Appearance.

Arum aquaticum minus

This Plant grows by the Sides of Rivers, and in watery Places; the Root is tuberous, from which springs many broad Oval Leaves eight or ten Inches wide, on thick succulent round Stalks, to the Height of about four Feet. From the Root also shoot forth many of the like Stalks producing blew Flowers at the End of every Stalk, but as I had not an Opportunity of observing them more critically while in Blossom, I shall only take Notice that the Flowers are succeeded by a Bunch of green Berries closely connected together, regularly, in the Manner of a Pine-Apple. These Berries never harden, but drop off when ripe, being of the Colour, Shape and Consistance of Capers.

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