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Plate Number: I 25

Columba Capite Albo: The White-crown'd Pigeon

White Crowned Pigeon Plate Number: I 25

It is as big as the common tame Pigeon. The Basis of the Bill is purple; the end dusky white; the Iris of the Eye yellow, with a dusky white Skin round it. The Crown of the Head is white; below which it is purple. The Hind-part of the Neck is covered with changeable shining green Feathers, edged with black. All the rest of the Bird is of a dusky blew, the Legs and Feet are red. They breed in great Numbers on all the Bahama-Islands, and are of great advantage to the Inhabitants, particularly while young. They are taken in great quantities from off the Rocks on which they breed.

Frutex Cotini fere folio crasso, in summitate deliquium patiente, fructu ovali caeruleo ossiculum angulosom continente: The Cocoa Plum

This is a Shrub, which grows from Five to Ten Feet high; not with a single Trunc, but with several small Stems rising from the Ground, they growing many together in Thickets. The Flowers grow in Bunches, are small and white, with many Stamina. They produce a Succession of Fruit most part of the Summer, which is of the Size and Shape of a large Damasin; most of them blue: Some Trees produce pale yellow, and some red. Each Plumb contains a Stone shaped like a Pear, chanulated with six Ridges. They grow usually in low moist Ground near the Sea-side. The Leaves are as broad as a Crown, thick, stiff, and shaped somewhat like a Heart. The Fruit is esteemed vholesome, and hath a sweet lucious Taste. The Spaniards at Cuba make a Conserve of them, by preserving them in Sugar.

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