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Plate Number: I 63

Parus Carolinensis Luteus: The Yellow Titmouse

Yellow Titmouse Plate Number: I 63

It is less than a Wren. It appears all Yellow; but, on a near View, is as follows. The Bill is slender. The Head, Breast, and Belly are bright Yellow. The Back is of a greenish Yellow. The Tail Brown, with a Mixture of Yellow. The Hen is not of so bright a Yellow as the Cock. It breeds in Carolina, but retires at the Approach of Winter.

Laurus Carolinensis, foliis acuminatis, baccis caerulis, pediculis longis rubris infidentibus: The Red Bay

The Leaves of this Tree are in Shape like those of the common Bay, and of an Aromatic Scent. The Berries, when ripe, are blue, growing two, and sometimes three together, on Foot-stalks of two or three Inches long, of a red Colour, as is the Calix or Cup of the Fruit, and indented about the Edges. These Trees are not common in Virginia, except in some Places near the Sea. In Carolina they are every where seen, particularly in low swampy Lands. In general, they arrive to the Size of but small Trees and Shrubs; tho' in some Islands, and particular Places near the Sea, they grow to large and strait bodied Trees. The Wood is fine-grain'd, and of excellent Use for Cabinets, &c. I have seen some of the best of this Wood selected, that has resembled Water'd Sattin; and has exceeded in Beauty any other Kind of Wood I ever saw.

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