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Plate Number: I 62

Parus Americanus Gutture Luteo: The Yellowthroated Creeper

Yellowthroated Creeper Plate Number: I 62

Weighs seven Penny-weight. The Bill is black. The Forepart of the Head black, having two yellow Spots on each Side, next the upper Mandible. The Throat is of a bright yellow, border'd on each Side with a black Lift. The Back and Hind-part of the Head are grey. The Wings are of a darker grey, inclining to brown, with some of their covert Feathers edged with white. The Under-part of the Body white, with black Spots on each Side, next the Wings. The Tail black and white. The Feet are brown; and, like those of the Certhia, have very long Claws, which assist them in creeping about Trees in Search of Insects, on which they feed. There is neither Black nor Yellow upon the Hen. They are frequent in Carolina.

Acer Virginianum, folio majore, Subtus argenteo, Supra viridi Splendente: The Red Flow'ring Maple

These Trees grow to a considerable Height; but their Truncs are not often very large. In February, before the Leaves appear, the little red Blossoms open, and continue in Flower about three Weeks; and are then succeeded by the Keys, which are also red, and, with the Flowers, continue about six Weeks, adorning the Woods earlier than any other Forest-Trees in Carolina. They endure our English Climate as well as they do their native one; as appears by many large Ones in the Garden of Mr. Bacon at Hoxton.

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