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Plate Number: II 75

Sciurus Striatus: The Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel Plate Number: II 75

This is about half the Size of an English Squirrel, and almost of the same Colour, except that a Pair of black Lifts, with a yellowish white Lift between them, extend almost the Length of the Body on both Sides; also a single black Lift runs along the Ridge of the Back. The Eyes are black and large, the Ears rounding, the Tail long, flat, and thick set with Hairs, which are much shorter than those of other Squirrels. These Squirrels abide in the Woods of Carolina, Virginia, &c. Their Food is Nuts, Acorns, and such like as other Squirrels feed on. They being brought up tame, are very familiar and active.

The Fruit which the Squirrel is feeding on, belongs to a Tree or Shrub which General Oglethorp brought from Georgia by the Name of the Wild Nutmeg; from its being aromatic, and other Circumstances, induces me to think it is the Fruit of the Plant I have described, p. 46. Vol. I. which Description is imperfect, because the Fruit was not then formed: The Size and Form of this is as 'tis here represented. It divides into four Openings, discovering four dark green Seeds within the Fruit.

Cornus, foliis Laurinis, fructu majore luteo: The Mastic Tree

This Tree grows usually to the Height of about fifty Feet, with a Trunc two or three Foot thick, having a greenish white smooth Bark. The Leaves hang promiscuously on long Footstalks, and are in Form somewhat like those of a Pear Tree, from the Sides of the branches grow small pentapetalous yellow Flowers, which are succeeded by yellow oval Fruit, in Size and Shape of small Plums, inclosing an oval brown Stone. The Fruit is eat, and is sweet and luscious, but serves chiefly for the Sustenance of Birds and other Animals. The Wood is esteemed good Timber; they grow in Abbaco and other of the Bahama Islands.

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