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Plate Number: II 6

Perca marina capite Striato: The Grunt

Grunt Plate Number: II 6

This Fish is commonly a Foot in Length, the Eyes of a bright yellow: the Body covered with large brown Scales, edged with yellow: From the Eye to the Tail extends a Row of smaller Scales within the large ones: The Mouth is wide and red within; the lower Mandible longest, having a single Row of small sharp Teeth: The Head elegantly striped with yellow and blew alternately, the Back was armed with a sharp spiny Finn, joining to which between it and the Tail, was another small and more tender Finn; on each Side the Gills were two long pointed Finns, one under the Abdomen, and another behind the Anus, with a strong pointed Bone joining to it.

Albula Bahamensis: The Mullet

The Figure shews the usual Size of these Fish, the Eye large with a light Iris: The Mouth small and without Teeth; about the middle of the Back was a small Finn, and another near the Tail: Under the fore-part of the Belly was a small Finn, and another between the Anus and the Tail: The Tail large and forked: The Scales of this Fish were large and of a shining Colour. They are esteemed good eating Fish, and are caught in great Quantities in particular Parts of the Bahama Seas, at the times they go in Shoales to spawn.

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