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Plate Number: I 84

Numenius Ruber: The Red Curlew

Red Curlew Plate Number: I 84

Is a larger Bird than the precedent, being about the bigness of a common Crow. The Bill is in form like that of other Curlews, and of a pale red colour: on the fore-part of the Head, and round the Eyes, is a skin of the same colour as the Bill, and bare of feathers: the Legs are likewise of a pale red colour: about an inch of the end the Wings are black, all the rest of the Bird is red.

These Birds frequent the Coasts of the Bahama Islands and other parts of America between the Tropicks, and are seldom seen to the North or South of the Tropicks. The Hens are of a dirtier red than the Cocks.

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