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Plate Number: I 60

Parus Cucullo Nigro: The Hooded Titmouse

Hooded Titmouse Plate Number: I 60

This is about the Size of a Gold-Finch: The Bill black. A broad black Lift encompasses the Neck and Hind-Part of the Head, resembling a Hood; except which the Fore-part of the Head and all the Under-part of the Body is Yellow. The Back, Wings and Tail are of a dirty Green. They frequent Thickets and shady Places in the uninhabited Parts of Carolina.

Arbor in aqua nascens foliis latis acuminatis &dentatis, fructo Eleagni majore: The Water-Tupelo

This Tree has a large Trunc, especially near the Ground, and grows very tall. The Leaves are broad, irregularly notched or indented. From the Sides of the Branches shoot forth its Flowers, set on Foot-Stalks about three Inches long, consisting of several small narrow greenish Petala, on the Top of an oval Body, which is the Rudiment of the Fruit; at the Bottom of which its Perianthium divides into Four. The Fruit, when full grown, is in Size, Shape and Colour like a small Spanish Olive, containing one hard channell'd Stone. The Grain of the Wood is white, soft and spongy. The Roots are much more so, approaching near to the Consistence of Cork, and are used in Carolina for the same Purposes as Cork, to stop Gourds and Bottles. These Trees always grow in wet Places, and usually in the shallow Parts of Rivers and in Swamps.

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