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Plate Number: I 50

Oenanthe Americana Pectore Luteo: The Yellow Breasted Chat

Yellow Breasted Chat Plate Number: I 50

This is about the Size of our Sky-Lark: The Bill black; the Head and all the Upper-part of the Back and Wings, of a brownish Green; the Neck and Breast yellow. A white Streak reaches from the Nostrils over the Eye; under which is also a white Spot. From the lower Mandible of the Bill runs a narrow white Line. The Belly is dusky White; the Tail brown: The Legs and Feet are black. This Bird I never saw in the inhabited Parts. They frequent the Upper-parts of the Country, 200 and 300 Miles distant from the Sea. They are very shy Birds, and hide themselves so obscurely that after many Hours Attempt to shoot one, I was at last necessiated to employ an Indian, who did it not without the utmost of his Skill. They frequent the Banks of great Rivers; and their loud chattering Noise reverberates from the hollow Rocks and deep Cane-Swamps. The Figure represents the singular Manner of their Flying with their Legs extended.

Solanum triphyllon flore hexapetalo tribus petalis purpureis erectis caeteris viridibus reflexis

This Plant rises with a single strait Stalk, five or fix Inches high; from the Top of which spreads forth three broad pointed Leaves, placed triangularly, and hanging down. These Leaves have each three Ribs, and are variegated with dark and lighter Green. From between these Leaves shoots forth the Flower, consisting of three purple Petals growing erect, having its Perianthium divided in Three. They grow in shady Thickets in most parts of Carolina.

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