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Plate Number: I 43

Carduelis Americanus: The American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch Plate Number: I 43

This agrees, in Size and Shape, with our Gold-finch. The Bill is of a dusky white; the Fore-part of the Head black; the Back-part of a dirty green. All the Under-part of the Body, from the Bill to the Vent, and likewise the Back, of a bright yellow; the Wings black, having some of the smaller Feathers edged with dusky white; the Legs and Feet brown. They feed on Lettice and Thistle Seed. These Birds are not common in Carolina. In Virginia they are more frequent; and at New-York they are most numerous; and are there commonly kept in Cages.

Acacia Abruae foliis, triacanthos, capsula ovali unicum semen claudente: Acacia

This Tree grows to a large Size and spreading. The Leaves are winged, composed of many small pointed Lobes, like most others of its Tribe. The Fruit is somewhat like a Bean, contained in an oval Capsula, and grows commonly five or six together in a Bunch. Many very large sharp Thorns are set on its Branches and larger Limbs. This Tree I never saw but at the Plantation of Mr. Waring on Ashley River, growing in shallow Water.

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