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Plate Number: I 32

Alauda Gutture Flavo: The Lark

Lark Plate Number: I 32

In size and shape this resembles our Sky-Lark. The Crown of the Head is mixt with black and yellow feathers. Through the Eyes runs a stripe of yellow. From the Angle of the Mouth runs a black stripe inclining downward; except which, the Throat and Neck are yellow. The upper part of the Breast is covered with a Patch of black feathers, in form of a Crescent. The remaining part of the Breast and Belly, of a brown straw-colour. It has a long Heel. It has a single Note, like that of our Sky Lark in Winter; at which time, and in cold Weather only, they appear in Virginia and Carolina. They come from the North in great Flights, and return early in the Spring. From their near resemblance to our Sky-Lark, I conceive they mount up and sing as ours do; but they appearing here only in Winter, I cannot determine it. They frequent the Sand-Hills upon the Sea-shore of Carolina, and there feed on these Oats, which they find scattered on the Sands.

Gramen Myloicophoron 0xyphyllon Carolinianum: The Sea-Side Oat

This Plant I observed growing no where but on Sand-Hills; so near the Sea, that at high Tides the Water flows to it. Its Height is usually four and five feet.

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