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Plate Number: I 30

Turdus Viscivorus Plumbeus: The red-leg'd Thrush

Red Legged Thrush Plate Number: I 30

Weighs two ounces and an half; has a dusky black Bill: The inside of the Mouth is more red than usual: The Iris of the Eye red, with a circle of the same colour encompassing it: The Throat black: All the rest of the Body of a dusky blue, except that the interior Vanes of the large wing-feathers are black, as is the Tail when closed; but when spread, the outermost Feathers appear to have their Ends white, and are gradually shorter than the two middlemost: The Legs and Feet are red.

The Hen differs from the Cock no otherwise than in being about a third part less. In the Gizzard of one were the Berries of the Tree described below. In its Singing, Gestures, &c. this Bird much resembles other Thrushes. I saw many of them on the Islands of Andros and Ilathera.

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