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Plate Number: I 19

Pica Ventre rubro: The Red-bellied Wood-pecker

Red-bellied Wood-pecker Plate Number: I 19

Weighs two ounces six penny weight: the Bill black; the Eyes of a hazel colour; all the upper part of the Head and Neck bright red; below which it is Ash colour, as is the under part of the Body, except the Belly, near the Vent, which is stained with red: the upper part of the Body, including the Wings, is marked regularly with transverse black and white lines: the Tail black and white; the Feet black.

The Hen's Fore-head is brown; which is all the difference between them.

PICUS medius quasi villosus: The Hairy Wood-pecker

Weighs two ounces: the Crown of the Head black; a red spot covers the back part of the Head, between which and the Eye it is white; the rest of the Head and Neck black, with a white line in the middle; the Back is black, with a broad white stripe of hairy feathers, extending down the middle to the Rump; the Wings are black, with both vanes of the Feathers spotted with large white spots: the Tail black; all the under part of the Body white.

The Hen differs from the Cock, only in not haveing the red spot at the Back of the Head.

Quercus (forte) Marilandica, folia trifido ad sassafras accedente. Raii Hist: The Black Oak

Usually grows on the poorest land, and is small: the colour of the Bark black, the Grain course: and the Wood of little use but to burn: Some of these Oaks produce Leaves ten inches wide.

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