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Plate Number: II 78

Vulpis Cinerus Americanus: The Gray Fox

Gray Fox Plate Number: II 78

These Foxes are all over of a grisly gray Colour, in Shape and Size little different from those in Europe. They live not in Holes under Ground, but in hollow Trees, to which they retreat when hunted, affording the Hunter seldom above a Mile Chase before they enter their Hole, from which they are usually smoaked out. They are equally mischievous with those in Europe, destroying Poultry, &c.

Gentiana forte? quae Periclymeni Virginiani flore coccineo, Planta Marilandica Spicata erecta, foliis conjugatis: The Indian Pink

This Plant rises usually with four or five Stalks, of about twelve or fourteen Inches in Height, every one of which has three or four Pair of sharp-pointed Leaves, set opposite to each other. On the Top of the Stalks on one Side, are placed about ten or twelve monopetalous, tubelous, red Flowers: The Flower divides at Top into five Sections, the Inside of which is yellow; from the middle of the Flower arose a long yellow Stylus, with Stamina. This Plant was in Blossom, the First of August 1738, in the Garden of Mr. Christ. Gray at Fulham, and endures the Winter without any Protection.

A Decoction made of this Plant is good against Worms.

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