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Plate Number: II 35

Cancer Arenius: The Sand Crab

Sand Crab Plate Number: II 35

These Crabs are usually about the Size of the Figure, most of them light brown or dusky white. It hath eight Legs and two Claws, one of which is twice the Bigness of the other; These Claws serve them both to defend and feed themselves with. The Head has two square Holes which are Recepticles for its Eyes, out of which it thrusts them and draw them in again at Pleasure. Their Abode is on the sandy Shoars of Ilathera, and many others of the Bahama-Islands. They run very fast, and retreat from Danger into little deep Holes they make in the Sand.

Lithophyton pinnatum purpureum asperum

This grows usually between three and four Foot high, with three or four tapering stiff Stalks, with a few smaller ones branching from them; these Stalks are thick set with single Sprigs of about two Inches long; the whole Plant incrusted with a purple Bark, which being rubbed off, the inner Part appears of a shining black like Ebony.

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