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Plate Number: II 28

Orbis Laevis Variegatus: The Globe Fish

Globe Fish Plate Number: II 28

This Fish (no doubt of it) has received its Name from the Form, which is almost globular, except that the Tail extends beyond the spherical Form. It has a small Mouth, near which the Eyes are placed, and behind them two small Fins, the Fin of the Tail is forked. The upper part of the Body of an Olive Colour, marked with many irregular curved white Stripes; the Belly dusky white. These Fish are found in Virginia and many other Parts of America.

Cornus, foliis Salicis Laureae acuminatis; floribus albis; fructu Sassafras

This Tree is usually but of small Stature, growing to the Height of about sixteen feet; the Leaves grow alternately on Foot-stalks of about an Inch long, they resemble somewhat those of the common Bay, but are more taper and pointing at the End; they are light green, smooth and shining: on the Tops of the Branches are placed many small white hexapetalous flowers, which are succeeded by green Berries in a reddish Calix, growing to red Foot-stalks of an Inch long, resembling much the Berries of Sassafras.

An Phaseolus minor lactescens flore purpureo

This Plant creeps up, and is supported by Trees and Shrubs near which it grows, the Leaves are trifoliate, the Flowers papilionaceous, and of a purple Colour, succeeded by Pods, like those of our common Pease, but thicker, more rounding, and somewhat less; these Pods contain usually seven or eight small round brown Pease.

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