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Plate Number: II 17

Salpa purpurascens variegata: The Lane-snapper

Lane-snapper Plate Number: II 17

All the Fish that I have observed of this Kind exceed not the Length of a Foot, but were generally of the Size of the Figure: The Eye large with a broad red Iris; the whole Body was covered with purple Scales darken on the Back, and paler on the Belly, with Stripes of yellow extending from the Nose to the Tail. On the Back was a long spiny yellow Finn: on each Side the Gills were two purple Fins; one single Finn grows from the fore-part of the Belly, and another from behind the Anus which were both yellow. The Tail red and forked.

Petimbuabo Brasil: The Tobaccopipe-Fish

This being the only Fish of the Kind I have seen, I cannot ascertain the usual Size of it. This was almost a Foot in Length; the forepart from the Nose to half Way the Body near of an equal Bigness, from which it grew tapering to the Tail, which was forked and from which grows a slender taper Whip four Inches long, of the Consistence of a Whalebone; the Mouth narrow, from which to the Eyes was almost three Inches. On the Back were placed three small Finns at equal Distances; Under the Belly and opposite to those of the Back were also three of the like Finns; The whole Fish was of a brown Colour. They are sometimes taken on the Coasts of Jamaica, whence I had this.

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