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Plate Number: II 14

Cugupuguaca Brasil: The Hind

Hind Plate Number: II 14

These Fish are usually of the Size of this Figure, tho' some of them are twice the Bigness: The Iris of the Eyes were bright yellow and red blended together; the Mouth very wide with Rows of very small sharp Teeth, besides two large ones at the End of the upper Mandible. The whole Fish instead of Scales was covered with a thick Skin variously coloured; viz the Head of a muddy Red, the Back of a dark reddidh Brown, the Sides green and Belly white; the whole sprinkled very thick with red Spots. It had five Finns: one on the Back, the Fore-part of which was strength'ned with strong sharp-pointed Bones, the Hind part with a smooth Edge and pliant: two behind the Gills; one under the Abdomen, and another behind the Anus, with two sharp-pointed Bones joyned to the Fore-part of it; the Tail wide and rounding at the End when spread, with a black Verge. They are esteemed a good Fish, and are plentiful in the shallow Seas of the Bahama Islands.

Saltatrix: Skipjack

This Fish had a bright yellowish Eye, the Mouth wide, both Mandibles armed with a single Row of sharp Teeth; the Scales are small of a shining Brightness; and when just taken are green on the Back, which in Virginia has given them the Name of Green Fish; but in Carolina it hath obtained the other Name from its frequent Skipping out of the Water. It had five Finns; two behind the Gills, one on the Hind-part of the Back, another opposite to it under the Belly, and one under the Abdomen; the Tail wide and forked. It is esteemed a tolerable good Fish.

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