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Plate Number: I 37

Passerculus Bicolor Bahamensis: The Bahama Sparrow

Bahama Sparrow Plate Number: I 37

This is about the size of a Canary Bird. The Head, Neck, and Breast are black: All the other Parts of it of a dirty green Colour. It is the commonest little Bird I observed in the Woods of the Bahama Islands. It uses to perch on the top of a Bush, and sing, repeating one set Tune in manner of our Chaffinch.

Bignonia arbor pentaphylla flore roseo majore siliquis planis: Bignonia

This Shrub usually rises to the height of about ten Feet. From the larger Branches shoots forth long slender Stalks, at the end of every of which are five leaves fixed on foot-stalks an inch long. Its flower is monopetalous, of a Rose-colour, and somewhat Bell-shaped, though the margin is deeply divided into five or six Sections, to which succeed Pods of five Inches long, hanging in Clusters, and containing within them small brown Beans.

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