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Plate Number: I 22

Sitta Capite Nigro: The Nuthatch

Nuthatch Plate Number: I 22

Weighs 13 Penny-weight, 5 graines. The Bill and upper part of the Head and Neck black, the Back gray: The Wings of a dark brown, edg'd with light gray; the uppermost two Feathers of the Tail are gray; the rest black and white. At the vent is a reddish Spot, the Legs and Feet are brown. The back claw is remarkably bigger and longer than the rest, which seems necessary to support their body in creeping down as well as up Trees, in which action they are usually seen pecking their food (which are Infects) from the chinks or crevices of the Bark.

The Hen differs but little from the Cock in the colour of her feathers. They breed and continue the whole year in Carolina.

Sitta Capite Fusco: The Small Nuthatch

This weighs six Penny-weight; the Bill black; the upper part of the Head brown; behind which is a dusky white spot; the Back is gray; as are the two uppermost tail feathers; the rest being black; the Wings are dark brown; the Throat and all the under part of the Body dusky white; the tail is short; the back Toe is largest. They abide all the Year in Carolina. Their Food, and Manner of taking it, is the same as that of the larger Nuthatch.

Quercus humilior salicis folio breviore: The Highland Willow Oak

This is usually a small Tree, having a dark coloured Bark with leaves of a pale green, and shaped like those of a Willow. It grows on dry poor land, producing but few Acorns, and those small. Most of these Oaks are growing at Mr. Fairchild's.

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