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Plate Number: II 47

Anguis Gracilis Caeruleo-Viridis: The Blueish Green Snake

Blueish Green Snake Plate Number: II 47

This harmless Snake frequents the Branches of Trees, and very nimbly squirms among the Leaves, living on Insects, which I believe are its only Food. Their usual Size and Length is that of the Figure. They are all over green, enclining more to blue than yellow. The Nose of this Species turning up, sufficiently distinguishes it from another green Snake I shall hereafter describe.

Frutex baccifer, verticillatus; foliis scabris latis dentatis, &conjugatis; baccis purpuriis dense congestis

These Shrubs arise with several Stalks from the Ground branching out on each Side, and in height about four of five Feet; most of the Stalks are surrounded with Clutters of very small red Flowers, having four Petals each, with yellow Stamina, and growing at the Distance of about two Inches asunder, beginning to flower at the Bottom, and successively proceeding to flower to the Top of the Branch: From every Tuft of Flowers, grow opposite to each other a Pair of serrated rough Leaves, the Berries which succeed the Flowers grow in Clusters, so closely connected, that none of their Foot-stalks can be perceived without separating them, which then discovers them to be held together by many small branching Stalks. These Berries are covered with a shining red Skin, containing many very small Seeds. They blossom in April and May, the Berries are ripe in July. They grow in the Woods, near Charles-Town in Carolina.

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